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PocketScraper™ Electric Snow Scraper

PocketScraper™ Electric Snow Scraper

🧊 Scrape ice off effortlessly

🚗 Protects your car and windows

🎁 Perfect gifts for you and loved ones

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How to use

When pressed gently from above, the abrasive disc starts to rotate to take out ice build up from your car effortlessly.

Changing the abrasive disc

If necessary, the abrasive disc can be replaced very simply and without tools. To do so, switch the machine off, hold it in one hand and carefully remove the abrasive disc with the other hand. Then simply press the new abrasive disc into the holder.

Charging the battery

The powerful lithium-ion battery provides sufficient power to free all the car windows from ice several times over. The LED display starts to flash when the battery needs recharging. After three hours, the battery is fully recharged.


Technical Specifications

Product Weight

Ice scraper:511g
Black bottom cover:50g
Package Size(L x W x H)
Ice scraper:17 × 12 × 12cm / 6.7 × 4.7 × 4.7inches
Black chassis:12 × 12 × 3cm / 4.7 × 4.7 × 1.2inches
Rated Voltage 3.7V
Rated power 11.1W
Charging method USB is 5V power supply, DC output 4.2V
Motor speed 380 geared motor 1600RMP

Return policy

We are so confident you'll love our products and we're offering a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders.

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Clear out snow and ice build up in no time 

The PocketScraper™ Electric Snow Scraper is a strong electric tool that will easily remove even the most difficult ice buildups on your windows. Your windows will be clear in no time thanks to six blades on a strong rotation disk.

Best Portable Option

Take off snow and ice from your vehicle anytime and anywhere. Built with portability and efficiency in mind, the PocketScraper will be your new best friend in these cold times.

Save Time and Effort

Six strong blades rotate with just one push, melting ice in a matter of seconds! greater than a manual ice scraper by three times. Unlike some window scrapers, the blades are made exclusively for car windows, guaranteeing a smooth, scratch-free finish.

Simple and Easy to Use

OurPocketScraper™ Electric Snow Scraperis simple and convenient for everyone to use thanks to the automatic press blade feature! A lithium-ion battery provides long-lasting power. When the device needs to be charged, the integrated LED flashes.

Safe and Innovative

Our PocketScraper™ Electric Snow Scraper's grinding disc is made of special plastic that makes sure your windows will be scratch free every time you need to use it