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BrushMagic™ - Self Cleaning Hairbrush

BrushMagic™ - Self Cleaning Hairbrush

💯 Comb teeth are evenly arranged for easy combing.

❤️‍🔥 3D Self-Cleaning Brush

✔️ Professional scalp massage therapist

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Anti-Slip Handle

The size of the comb is about 9.7*2.9*1.9 inches, ergonomic handle design, frosted texture, colorful, ergonomic handle, better combing feeling.

Massage Function

Can perfectly and safely massage and stimulate your scalp, remove dead skin cells, relieve stress and relax muscles, increase blood circulation, relieve hair loss, promote scalp health and hair growth.

Return policy

We are so confident you'll love our products and we're offering a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders.

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Say goodbye to the hassle of manually removing hairs on your brushes.

Our brush uses a one press release mechanism to get the job done in one click!

BrushMagic™ - Self Cleaning Hairbrush

We all know how difficult it is to brush your hair with a standard hairbrush. It traps hair, harmful bacteria, dead skin cells and product buildup in just a few uses. All of this residue can lead to serious scalp problems over time.

The soft, flexible bristles of our BrushMagic™ 

Simulate a head massage that promotes blood circulation.It does all of this while keeping your hair healthy and frizz-free.

Instant Massage

A 3D air-cushion massage hair brush that is specifically made for straight and curly hair can gently free knots without tugging or breaking hair, assist you style and groom your hair, and help you achieve a range of styling looks. Cleanup is quick and easy, saving you time, with just one click to remove any lingering hair loss from the comb.

Instant Massage

The use of a soft-toothed circular hair brush, which mimics the sensation of a finger massage while caring for the scalp, stimulates blood flow, enhances scalp stimulation, reduces stress, relaxes muscles, and fosters scalp health and hair development.

Non-slip Grip

The non-slip matte surface of the circular hairbrush handle is constructed of non-toxic, safe plastic that is smooth to the touch. It also features a one press cleaning function for your convenience.